so i’ll just transmit the space funk of 1997 phish to your ears.

(thanks to Jason for passing this on to me)

Eleven years ago the popular rock band Phish set off for a 21-date
> fall tour that is arguably the best run they ever played. Fall `97
> saw the band finally embracing their success and adding elements of
> whitebred funk throughout many of the strong jams that seemed to come
> out of nowhere each night. Nasty doesn’t even begin to do it
> justice. Phish wasn’t into giving their tours names, but Fall `97
> quickly was given the “Phish Destroys America” moniker by fans,
> thanks to a controversial Ames Design tour poster used to advertise
> the tour opener. The title fits the tour perfectly, as fans were
> treated to many nights of Treynal Destruction.
> This is a compilation of songs from Fall ’97 that was made by a fan.
> All of the segues from song to song are flawless and all the songs
> are also soundboard quality. This is a must have for any Phish fan
> or anyone that appreciates incredible funky improvisational music!
> DISC 1:
> 1 Halley’s Comet (11/22/97)
> 2 Tweezer (11/17/97)
> 3 Ghost -> (11/17/97)
> 4 Johnny B. Goode (11/17/97)
> DISC 2:
> 1 Tube -> (12/7/97)
> 2 Slave To The Traffic Light (12/7/97)
> 3 Timber Ho (11/28/97)
> 4 It’s Ice -> (12/7/97)
> 5 Swept Away -> Steep -> (12/7/97)
> 6 It’s Ice (12/7/97)
> 7 Theme From The Bottom (12/29/97)
> 8 Fluffhead (12/29/97)
> DISC 3:
> 1 Down With Disease -> (12/11/97)
> 2 David Bowie -> (7/30/97)
> 3 Cities -> (7/30/97)
> 4 David Bowie (7/30/97)
> 5 AC/DC Bag (12/30/97)
> DISC 4:
> 1 Runaway Jim -> (7/22/97)
> 2 My Soul (7/22/97)
> 3 Reba (11/17/97)
> 4 Black-Eyed Katy (11/28/97)
> 5 Run Like An Antelope -> (12/29/97)
> 6 Possum -> (12/29/97)
> 7 I Can’t Turn You Loose -> (12/29/97)
> 8 Possum (12/29/97)
> 9 Harry Hood (7/22/97)
> DISC 5:
> 1 Wolfman’s Brother -> (11/19/97)
> 2 Makisupa Policeman (11/19/97)
> 3 Gumbo (7/29/97)
> 4 You Enjoy Myself -> (11/28/97)
> 5 I Didn’t Know (11/28/97)
> DISC 6:
> 1 Jam -> (7/22/97)
> 2 Mike’s Song -> (7/22/97)
> 3 Simple -> (7/22/97)
> 4 I Am Hydrogen -> (7/22/97)
> 5 Weekapaug Groove (7/22/97)
> 6 Drowned -> (12/11/97)
> 7 Roses Are Free -> (12/11/97)
> 8 Big Black Furry Creature From Mars -> (12/11/97)
> 9 A Day In The Life (12/7/97)

> DISCS 1 & 2:
> DISCS 3 & 4:
> DISCS 5 & 6:

fun with blogging…

March 29, 2009

so, due to to the random link generator thing on my blog… if you clicked the post about the paperless tickets you might have noticed a link to this page at the very bottom for some effing pos ticket broker’s page:

so, just know that i had nothing to do with that and have had too many margaritas from d’corazon (more on this place later) tonight to figure out how to delete that link from my page. in the meantime, feel free to read the bullsh!t on that page about how they are an ‘honest’ ticket broker and whatnot and have a laugh (or leave a comment, for all i care……)

another ski post and a rare dinner revue to come tomorrow, oh faithful seven readers (which has grown to a modest 47 in the last few days)


March 28, 2009

Awesome morning at vail. New snow all week and bluebird today.

I hope you’re here too.

ticketbastardwith the recent phish summer tour madness and scores of tickets being sold for %1000 times the original value, people are starting to talk about new ways to ensure tickets landing in the hands of fans…

AC/DC, of all bands, tried a new ‘paperless’ system, and while i can see some drawbacks (honest ticket trades and face-value sales wouldn’t work anymore), they far outweigh watching my friends fret over paying $300 or more for one night of music in their own backyard.

That said, there has to be some sort of catch… and it has to involve ticketbastard’s evil cousin: TicketsNow, which resells seats as a ‘third party’ broker, but really is essentially another branch of ticketmaster and kicks backs profits of scalped tickets to tickemaster, the promoter and even the band.

don’t believe me?


And while this is a great idea put forth by ACDC, there’s no way ticketbastard would lose the money they could be making in the secondary market.,.. hence the 3,000 ‘paperless ticket’ limit.

ACDC doesn’t have enough clout to tell ticketmaster to eff themselves and get all tickets put to paperless… but bands like U2, springsteen and even phish sure as hell could – if they wanted to.

so, while i fully admit this isn’t going to end scalpers with a limited number of ‘paperless tickets’, I’d like to see phish adopt something like this, even if it is for a select number of tickets for each show for starters….

from ticketbastard on the AC/DC tour:

* Ticketmaster's (Nasdaq:TKTM) Paperless Ticket(tm) will be used
      for AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour, the company announced today.
    * AC/DC is using Paperless Ticket to help ensure fan club members
      and fans purchasing designated seats will be able to secure
      tickets at face value.  Seats delivered with Paperless Ticket
      will not be transferable.
    * These fans will not have to stand in long will call lines or
      remember to bring their paper tickets to the show.  They simply
      present venue door staff their credit card, along with a valid
      photo ID, and they'll get a receipt and be granted immediate
      access.  The entire process is quick, simple, and secure.
    * Paperless Ticket will be used for up to 3,000 seats each night

      of the Black Ice World Tour.

Another bussy shot

March 26, 2009

It keeps piling on. She looks like a hi-top now!

sorry friends, didn’t get any extras for you all.

that was one of the quickest sell outs i have ever seen… i know half the venue was already sold through phish lottery, but that was still amazingly fast.

best of luck

Another storm post

March 26, 2009

Wind is really blowing hard now and the snow is really starting to collect in the yard and on the streets.

i posted these elsewhere… but figured you, my loyal seven readers, might want them as well.

red rocks
Set One
Set Two

Set One
Set Two


from the Denver Post:

“Local heroes the Fray and art-metal group Tool will headline the second annual Mile High Music Festival July 18-19, with Widespread Panic playing sets after each of them, promoter Chuck Morris announced this morning on KBCO-FM.

Widespread will play a late-night set July 18 after Tool and an earlier set on July 19 after the Fray.

Other acts scheduled to play the festival, which takes place in the soccer fields surrounding Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, include Incubus, Boulder’s 3OH!3, Ben Harper & Relentless7, G. Love & Special Sauce, Ani DiFranco, India.Arie, the Black Keys, Gov’t Mule, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Buddy Guy, Gomez, Galactic, Matisyahu, Lyrics Born, Denver’s own Paper Bird and many more. ”

tool? that is going to be awesome and they will definitely blow panic out of the water. I mean, i really enjoy WSP a lot… but you can’t follow up Tool with hippy rock…

also, congrats to my friends in Paper Bird for getting their spot on the lineup this year, as well as a mention in the Denver Post.

if you dont know them yet, you should:

2.5 hours until phish tickets on sale….

Down it falls…

March 26, 2009

It’s coming down pretty good now. Bussy has been covered in under 45 minutes.