We are everywhere….

April 21, 2009

Or, at least easily spotted at Whole Foods markets, and other hippie hotspots.

Parked in front of this just now:

tuesday bloggings….

April 21, 2009

more music for ya…

because everyone could use a bit more zeppelin in their day every now and then… thumbup

(and to put up something aside from the apparent drama around here)

i just found this on my hard drive. I have NO idea when I downloaded it, where it came from or anything like that…

It’s a soundboard, so the sound quality is pretty good. though, it’s raw sounding, with uneven levels through some songs and it clearly has a cassette generation in there somewhere.

also, a note of interest… the Summit in Houston is now Joel Osteen’s megachurch that you might have seen when flipping through the tv on sunday.


disco numero uno: http://www.sendspace.com/file/95i4cv
disco numero dos: http://www.sendspace.com/file/aur98i
disco numero tres: http://www.sendspace.com/file/smaz6i

Led Zeppelin
“The Dragon Snake” EVSD
The Summit, Houston, Texas

SBD > ? > CD (Orginal Silvers [EVSD 341/2/3])>EAC[Secure Mode Offset Corrected]>.Wav>FLACFrontend[Level 6]>Flac

Disc 1 –

01 – The Song Remains The Same
02 – Sick Again
03 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
04 – In My Time of Dying
05 – Since I’ve Been Loving You
06 – No Quarter

Disc 2

01 – Ten Years Gone
02 – The Battle of Evermore
03 – Going to California
04 – Black Country Women
05 – Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
06 – White Summer-Black Mountain Side
07 – Kashmir

Disc 3

01 – Out On The Tiles-Moby Dick
02 – Guitar Solo
03 – Achilles Last Stand
04 – Stairway to Heaven
05 – Rock and Roll
06 – Trampled Under Foot

Sts9 to end the season.

April 19, 2009

Hit up end of season festivities at vail today with Erin and Flynn… Took three or four runs, said bye to the mountain and caught some pond skimming.

Headed over to copper to see sts9s pa set. It’s good house music for a party…

More later…

time capsule

April 16, 2009

as promised yesterday in my post of the 1992 living room rehearsal tape, i present the tour opener….

super fun show here, with lots of first-time-played songs (Maze, my friend my friend, mound, NICU and sleeping monkey) and the first official ‘secret language course’ for the audience. it was also the return of (a slightly revised) rift after 200 or so shows.

it’s cool to hear the way these songs sounded their first time out — NICU especially has a much slower tempo and more reggae/calypso feel to it. The audeince was really pumped too. great listen overall.

sound quality is pretty good… though i doubt this is a SBD, even though that is the speculation on the source.

(i’m also trying megaupload instead of sendspace today. it’s easier to upload an entire show than to do one in two sets)


link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0ZWG1WZG
[a href=”url”] http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0ZWG1WZG%5B/a%5D

Portsmouth Music Hall
Portsmouth, NH

Source: Purported SBD > Cass/1 > DAT
Transfer: CTD8000H-S > DAT2WAV > SHN > SF4.5c (48>44.1kHz*) > CD Wave > shntool > FLAC

-Disc 1-Set 1-
01. Intro
02. Rift *
03. Cavern
04. Sparkle
05. It’s Ice
06. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony
07. Divided Sky
08. Guelah Papyrus
09. Maze *
10. Reba
11. All Things Reconsidered

-Disc 2 – Set 1 cont. –
01. David Bowie
-Set 2-
02. My Friend, My Friend *
03. Poor Heart
04. Secret language Instructions **
05. Stash
06. Mound *
07. Llama
08. Bouncing Around the Room
09. In an Intensive Care Unit (NICU)*
10. Possum
11. Sleeping Monkey *

* First time played
** First ever secret language instructions

Primary transfer by Robert Brown
Resampling, tracking and fixes by Ben Mohr (benjamin.mohr@ce.gatech.edu)

Pitched-corrected, FLAC metadata and replaygain added on 7/16/2004 by mw@mikewren.com

-Tape flips: d1t07 12:07 (39:40)
d2t01 13:52 (40:58)
d2t07 04:24 (49:49)/d2t08 03:11 (53:00)
-Two areas of tape warble at beginning of d2t09

– Removed DC offset from entire show
– Smoothed skip d1t02 0:58.009
– Replaced L channel static d1t06 1:55.013-1:55.325 with R channel
– Smoothed diginoise d2t01 11:00.905-11:00.946
– Remove whine d2t02-d2t11 in Samplitude v6 using FFT Filter/Spectrum Analyzer centered at 16020Hz by 33dB (range=15515-16520Hz) and modified slightly for each track
– with anti-alias filtering and interpolation accuracy of 4

quickie around noon?

April 15, 2009

the tour opener 3/6/92 included the debut of maze, my friend my friend (knife), mound, NICU (in an intensive care unit) and sleeping monkey as well as the ‘new’ version of Rift after a 202 show hiatus.

so if this rehearsal was before that tour — which is likely– then this would be the earliest circulating nicu, maze, mound, my friend, my friend..etc…

no real reason for this other than i found my old nicu sweatshirt and looked up the song for the hell of it in the old pharmers almanac.

the source of this is pretty shakey, as this was apparently recorded through a cassette boombox recorder (you have to think it was mikes, lol) in someones living room (from what i remember it was someone’s aunts or grandmother’s house).

and the sound is on par with cell phone speakers… but the history is pretty cool and it’s not unlistenable by any means (at least not compared to some of the other early shit we have floating around).

worth the quick DL if only for a one-time listen of something from the deep archives.



link:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/mvftat

“Living Room Rehearsal”

Source: Boombox AUD > Cass/1 > DAT
A>D: Marantz PMD430 > Sony DTC ZE700 (w/SBM)@44.1kHz
DAT>SHN: DA-302 > Dio 24/48 > SHN > CDWav > SF 4.5 > CEPro > SHN

A>D and DAT>SHN Transfers by Blane Harvey
Tracking and Fixes by Ben Mohr (benjamin.mohr@ce.gatech.edu)

Disc 1: (58:14)
1. Maze (06:59)
2. Weigh (05:19)
3. My Friend My Friend (06:19)
4. My Mind’s Got a Mind of It’s Own (02:23)
5. Rift (07:47)
6. Sleeping Monkey (05:42)
7. Mound (06:03)
8. Cracklin’ Rosie > (02:49)
9. Cold as Ice (01:06)
10. The Horse > (01:03)
11. Silent in the Morning (04:57)
12. NICU (07:47)

Notes(all timings before pitch shift):
-d1t01-d1t06 Side A
d1t07-d1t12 Side B
-There are several irrepairable spots of analog distortion that I
did my best to clean up.
-Right channel amplitude change d1t05 0:52-0:58
-Tape flip d1t09 0:53 (44:14/45:06 before pitch shift)

Fixes(all timings before pitch shift):
-Between each track from d1t01-t06, there was a brief (<0.5sec)
pause (only hiss) in the recording that I removed.
-Removed dropout d1t02 2:46.646 (0.047s)
-Removed dropout d1t11 3:05.942 (0.045s)
-Removed dropout d1t12 1:53.468 (0.503s) – slightly missed beat
-Removed skip d1t12 3:07:07 (0.062s)
-Applied Cool Edit Pro hiss reduction filter based on hiss
sample taken during breaks between beginning tracks.
-Applied Soundforge 4.5 pitch shift of +35 cents with anti-alias filter

so, i think Neil might just be the best prankster I know…

or he gets bunk info.

either way, the weirdness and mahem that is pt is back.

**update on tax day…

a golf clap is in order for Joker’s second prank of April yesterday.

Now, I know that, to a lot of people, somoene playing a prank based on the demise of a website is UBER-nerdy (and it is)…

but the phish fans are way too hysterical to eff with, and his ‘correspondence’ with a ‘friend’ who apparently talked with the site admin for PT was made up to get a rise…

well played, good sir. well played.

pt no more?

April 15, 2009

so, all day what is essentially the phish message board, phantasy tour, has been down… looks like it’s for good.

from Neil over at http://phishcoventry.blogspot.com
This is an email he got from a friend who apparently talked with the site op for PT.

“dude, just talked to paul [glace]. primarily under frustration of the bad press PT has received lately – and the general negativity and immaturity that seemed to run rampant at the message boards – has decided to shut down PT for good. a while back he simply stopped paying the bill on the server space, and it looks like today was the day it got erased. its dunzo. adios. goodbye.”

this doesn’t REALLY add up since they just added more server space, added a few features on other band boards… but the michael phelps thing breaking yesterday (www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/phantasy-tour-takes-down-a-star-athlete/) about pt knowing about this first could have just brought way too much unneeded attention..

of course, it could also just mean the server got fried from WAY too much traffic. it tends to do that.

then again, the whole thing is such a group of weird people that who knows what the hell went on. I guess people will have to start being productive at work and whatnot…

of course, it also leads to the question of where will all of the phish elitists have their pissing contests? (real life? reality tour?)

just talked to a friend who updates the yonder board,  and he says he’s still not sure what is going on and that, while it’s very likely he got fed up with this stuff (especially since the thread that is being questioned with the phelps thing has to do with smoking pot with celebs) and didn’t want it associated with him outside of our weird little community, it very well could just be a huge surge in traffic closing the thing down.

oh well.

*  I will say this: I have met a lot of really, really cool folks in Denver and in Colorado through discussions and stuff like that on ptSCI and ptYMSB. I’ve also met some real weirdos (NYE panic, for example)… but the tradeoff was worth it.

I also would never have known about jenkem.


i can remember being so excited for this show that me and Rob couldn’t stop talkign about it for the last few weeks of our English class our Junior year. That’s actually when he and I became good buds.

fast forward to the day of the show… i had an 89 bronco, five friends,a pair of gnarly patchwork pants and some horrid tasting fungus.

Which, in retrospect, was a mistake. [bleedingsenses does not condone such actions]

I remember the slow freak out through the first set and my stomach feeling like death. I remember leaning over, tapping coe on the shoulder and saying ‘i don’t know if i need to yawn, or if i need to puke…. but it’s kindof cool”… all ending with me by a water fountain with Kim and Robbie Walsh during Loving Cup.

During setbreak — and the height of my freakout — “Cotton” (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent) turns to me and says ‘dude, you are on the wrong planet. step over here to my planet. This planet is a lot better than the one you are on”

i literally stepped about two feet to the left, and somehow felt amazingly and instantly better. The rest of the show was spent dancing my little ass off on the hill, taking dusty gilbert’s tickets for seat A1 and A2 and watching fishmans shoelace for 30 minutes and seeing our good friend Josh (RIP) go from thuggish-ruggish white kid to spun out space cadet (“are you guys going to Dallas? Can I come?”)

my other strong memory of this show was spending it with D-Bird, as he whined and complained about not getting any treats during the show. Thankfully, he did get something eventually, as well as drove home all of us in my Bronco — getting pulled over on Kirkwood at Memorial past minor-curfew.

i remember talking very fast to the cop, confusing him and being told to ‘get the hell on home’

ANYWAY, nice trip down memory lane…

and to make it even cooler… someone actually taped the Assisted Listening Device feed and we have a soundboard of this show to listen to! (of course, there’s a lot of FM static and it was recorded in mono… but who cares. IF anyone really wants an audience version of this [that is, if anyone even is downloading this version], i’ll be glad to post it… just leave word in the comments!

so, I present to you phish, at the woodlands pavilion, in 1998:

SET ONE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/br8gf9
SET TWO: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nj2al2

Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion (Woodlands Center for the Performing Arts)
Houston, TX


Disc 1:
01. The Moma Dance
02. Runaway Jim
03. Bouncing Around The Room
04. Stash
05. My Soul
06. Taste
07. Golgi Apparatus
08. Loving Cup

Disc 2:
01. Wolfman’s Brother ->
02. Also Sprach Zarathustra ->
03.Scent of a Mule* ->
04. Ha Ha Ha** ->
05. Scent of a Mule
06. Slave to the Traffic Light
07. Chalkdust Torture

08. Character Zero

Issue: The beginning of Runaway Jim is cut.

*After Page finishes a lengthy and beautiful piano solo,
Trey begins his part of the “muel duel” by playing a nice classical riff
(20 seconds or so). He then pauses and plays a few heavy metal licks
that then go into “Ha Ha Ha” (the band follows).
**After “Ha Ha Ha,” Trey does a bit more of his guitar solo,
which is followed by the “Russian” dance segment.

13 days later…

April 14, 2009

and my brother is just now falling for the “Sweet Willy” secret show post i made on APRIL FIRST.



thanks for the laugh, Rhew.

nothing new to report…

April 14, 2009

Haven’t seen any live music and I haven’t gotten up to take any turns…

though, I am furiously working on getting college transcripts together so I can finish this application to this masters program at the University of Denver.

i’ll post yet another phish show later today, though… just to keep things phresh.