July 26, 2009

Headed up to the planet bluegrass ranch in Lyons for the last day of Rockygrass.

Ymsb is apparently the ‘unanounced’ guest thisevening, which will be my first yonder show since nye at the pepsi center. Steve Martin is apparently performing at the fest too – whether it’s as a comedian or as a banjo player I don’t know.

The weather looks like it’s going to be wet and shitty, so I brought some rain gear with just in case.

More updates in a while….

Solid 6 piece- 70s southern-soul swampy rock from Portland. Good danceable Rock and roll ala early Tom petty.

The drummer has an enviable beard.

It’s refreshing to hear some solid live music and some well written tunes. I’ll be grabbIng their stuff maƱana.

So, I completely spaced uploading a series of Independence Day shows from years past from several bands (WSP, phish, ymsb, sci, etc…)…

so i really have nothing to offer. but, thankfully you — my loyal seven (5) readers — come back regardless… i will reward your patience when I get back to Denver with tunes galore.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday… I’m here in surprisingly-breezy and cool Charlottesville, Virginia lounging by the pool and throwing a few rounds of disc-golf in the acreage that is Erin’s parent’s backyard.

but that isn’t the point. you shouldn’t even be reading this right now (and i shouldn’t be typing it)!

it’s time to grill up some dead animal flesh and blow up something with light artillery!