I have found a friend.

August 30, 2009

well, at least in the nerdy sense of finding a blog with a similar interest in wookery in parking lots across America…

This Week on Lot brings you the everpresent humor of wasted youth (and more often nowadays, not youth) stumbling through their lives tour by tour… in a weekly podcast form (do people use the term podcast?) taboot!!


enjoy kids!


ymsb followup….

August 29, 2009

yonder mountain string band
red rocks
morrison, co

Set I:

East Nashville
40 Miles
Spanish Harlem
This Train Is Bound
New Speedway ->
Steep Grade ->
Midwest Gospel ->
Snow ->
Winds On Fire ->

Set II:

Illinois Rain
Rain Still Falls
Finally Saw The Light ->
KY Mando ->
Too Late Now ->
OTR ->
Ten ->
Girlfriend ->
Ten ->


Raleigh last night was a great time. The band sounds pretty damn good, and there were some real highlights last night (girlfriend is better was great, so was the extended midwest gospel radio). The difference between being up near the top with the teenagers and down in the front with the yonder kinfolk was night and day, thanks to all you folks for making room for us and boogying down so hard.

got a copy of the new album as we walked out last night (three copies, actually) and I have to say that it’s VERY well done… but there’s drums on damn near every track, so i wonder if the band is going to be adding in a drummer for more and more shows in the fall…probably not, and i know that’s exactly how people felt in 06 when the last album came out… but one has to wonder.

album highlights so far: out of the blue, SGSC, belle parker, criminal, rain still falls, fine excuses and casualty — pretty much the songs I knew would be the good ones on the album (imo). I’m sure the others will grow on me to some degree as well.

ANYWAY, erin and i also decided that while we know we’d have fun here in Denver for NYE… we would be fooling ourselves if we thought seeing any other band on NYE besides phish would be fulfilling. So, I think we are planning on doing phish NYE now…

if not i’ll see you kinfolk at the fillmore….

Nye in colo.

August 29, 2009

29yh at boulder theater
30-31 at Fillmore

I’ll probably be in Miami now.

7th row, at home

August 29, 2009

Finally met up with nickel, and co.

Jeff is wearing an 09 phish tour shirt.

Nothing outstanding yet v

Panic at setbreak.

August 29, 2009

Ain’t life grand from NYE 08-09 with jeff.

Good stuff. Extended jamming, real spacey.

1. Flashy light girl and guy
2. Teenage clappers (8) next to us
3. Laser pointer toolbags.
4. Shirtless Johnny in front of me who keeps standing up on my row and bumping into Erin.


August 29, 2009

Fuck this trend if selling flashy lights in the form of sunglasses, bunny ears and necklaces.

Fuck this guy selling said things tonight.

And fuck our neighbors for being the chain-smoking idiot types that buy such things and wearing them all night.

I may throw something in a bit.

Show is good tho. Finally turned it up 6 songs in.

Girl, maybe 19-20: Sooooooo, I wrote the guys in toubabe krewe, and they wrote back and saaid I could get BACCKSTAGE PASSES!!!!! (to a TK show)

The way she skipped and raised her voice as she said backstage passes made it so funny, as if the beatles asked her backstage.

If you don’t get how that’s funny, don’t worry.

Thanks Kara for the quote help.


August 29, 2009

Lots of teens here. Place is full but not packed.

Waiting on nickel to text so we can all meet up and rage some yonder.