Where does one so accomplished start? TheDenverB wrote his first rock-opera at 10, titled ‘Billy’ the story of a deaf, dumb and bladder impaired lad who becomes the worlds greatest lawn-dart thrower, until he tragically kills his love during lawn-dart-off with a rival darter. After climbing mount Everest at age 9, TheDenverB decided that he would never again pay shirpas to do his dirty-work, and has since moved on to carrying his own oxygen tanks up the many peaks of Colorado. TheDenverB is a world class yodeler, and mountain goat herder. TheDenverB also has recently become a world champion rocket ballooner, and passes the joy of flying, screaming balloons while ramblin’ around the state and reminding folks with a bop of the spoon that glow sticks are not to be thrown at people entertaining you. TheDenverB also spent time on a pirate ship in the Gulf of Mexico for two years, mostly plundering — but TheDenverB does have some experience pillaging. Mostly TheDenverB just said ‘ARRRR’ a lot and taught dirty words to his pet macaw who he left with a small child on a Caribbean island after realizing that a pirate’s life on the water just wasn’t for him. A good friend, Coe, has researched his past and has come up with this to say: “TheDenverB was found off the coast of Portugal in a basket on a surfboard, where a one armed and one legged Portuguese pirate found him and took him. While out on a galleon with his pirate father when TheDenverB was about 3-years-old, the young badass fell overboard while trying to shiv a sea gull. An Exxon oil tanker found him and donated him to his family. It wasn’t until a few months ago that TheDenverB re-discovered his horrible past with a note scribbled in Portuguese, and all he knows is that he is “The Portuguese Pirate TheDenverB.” So now TheDenverB considers himself a land pirate, of the string cheese variety. TheDenverB kills time doing just about anything that involves the mountains — from snowboarding down snow covered peaks in the winter to longboarding (skateboarding) down mountain passes in the summer. TheDenverB loves live music, from playing it to going to just about any form of live music, from bluegrass to jazz to jambands to punk rock and everything in between. Also, TheDenverB enjoys sicking his dog on people, as its fun watching them get chased down and mauled by a 15 pound rat terrier/Italian greyhound. TheDenverB is a big supporter of conscious alliance, a non-profit group that works with the live music scene collecting canned goods and donations to help the less privileged in the rocky mountain area, as well as around the country. Definitely a great cause, so BE CONSCIOUS! He also enjoys playing hippie with his big-kid toy: Bussy. TheDenverB is a journalist, and as such has a strange sense of humor.

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Niki said

    Hey Boyd- Great to know I can check out your blog to refresh my memory on the weekend events. Awesome is all I can say. Been listening to the shows and I WANT TO GO BACK!!!!

    It was really great to hang with you and Erin for 3 days straight! We’ll do it again soon I hope.

    You the man


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