After years of seeing shows in Denver and around the country and posting my random reviews, thoughts and asinine and often asshole-ish comments on message boards, i figured I’d put up my own blog to spill out my reviews, thoughts and, well, asshole comments out to the world as a whole.  I’ve had friend after friend tell me to write about these expiriences, so here it goes (I hope you bastards are reading this!)

I’ll also be posting a bit about skiing and riding around Colorado from time to time, though this season is coming to an end within the next two months…. I’ve got a journal of riding i wrote through the year and will be definitely writing a year-in-review, complete with stash spots, ways to avoid crowds… etc…

but in the meantime, this is going to be about day to day stuff i see.

I’m trying not to self edit anything – keeping the content as authentic as possible, even when it involves questionable activities, people and places.  pure Gonzo.

now, reading back on this—- it sounds pretty fucking corny. so, just enjoy what i write… and if not, then at least keep reading and post a comment on why you think i suck.

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