I’m sorry.

I really, really am. But grad school and work and my writing gig at WW have given me little to no time to post here (that is a lie, im just lazy and forgetful).

BUT…. things are rolling along in music land… cervantes had their grand-reopening (which the bathrooms weren’t finished for), I went and saw a pretty good little post-grunge trio called The Ultraviolent Lights at Quixotes (odd venue for such a band) and ended up being one of three people in the audience, and i made it to one night of the disco biscuits at the fox (i don’t remember much from that, other than the music never stops at a DB show).

and today, i snagged two tickets to two of the three nights of the return (sortof) of the string cheese incident at Red Rocks this summer. so, my summer is starting to take shape it seems….

that, and rumored phish dates:
Wrigley 6/10
Deercreek 6/11,12,13
Huntington Park Columbus 6/16
Charlotte 6/18
Va Beach 6/19
Toronto 6/21
hershey park 6/22
MPP 6/23
atlanta 6/25, 26, 27

7/12 Jones beach Flushing NY
15th PNC
Camden 18&19
7/31 Denver
Gorge 8/5,6,7
VEGAS 8/9,19 (MGM Grand?)
Hollywood Bowl tour closer 8/13,14

SO, i hope that’s a good amount for my first update of the year. i promise i’ll post more in the near future!

OH, CRAP. i almost forgot:

I’m going to be in Jamaica in mid-march, so more travel bloggins to come!

oh man, this one has me a bit nostalgic and teary-eyed today… I cant believe if has been ten years since me and rob jumped in my mustang and drove from houston to the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation to see phish’s millennium concert.

I should be making a much larger post to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of this event but I can’t seem to find the time lately…

Anyway, the long-short of it is that me, rob and about 79,998 other people descended on southern florida for one of (if not THE) greatest phish festivals ever. The weather was perfect and the scene was amazing — aferal, we all thought we were going to die when the world blew up at midnight and the calendar rolled over to 2000…. Anyway, phish did an amazing job setting up the concert field for everyone, as well as the entire festival grounds and it was essentially a free-for-all of epic proportions…

the band played two days, on the 30th and on the 31st and the 31st was capped off with an amazing midnight-to-sunrise set that included several 25+ songs, and appearance on ABC’s millenium special and some general goofiness from the band that included giant hotdog rides, feeding father time meatsticks and getting a crowd of 80,000 to chant ‘cheesecake’ in unison.

ANYWAY, here’s the download links for both days:

and here’s some random media from the event:


cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake….

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s pretty much one overriding theme of this blog and it’s: phish.

so, here’s a few downloads for you on this lovely tuesday — maybe some of you folks who meandered to this site with no real idea of who this band is and what they do will finally get it.

picked up from a thread on reality tour:

“Ultimate Phish”
Compiled and arranged by ‘FoxtrotPhishin’ – 2004
Remixed by TK

Disc 1:
1. The Curtain With (9.30.00)
2. You Enjoy Myself (6.11.94)
3. Mike’s Song >
4. Simple >
5. Contact >
6. Weekapaug Groove (8.16.96)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QJ7LEK04

Disc 2:
1. Timber (Jerry) (12.7.97)
2. Reba (12.31.95)
3. Sneakin’ Sally thru the Alley (12.30.97)
4. Ghost (11.17.97)
5. Harpua (3.31.92)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I0IKR4HX

Disc 3:
1. Roses are Free (4.3.98)
2. AC/DC Bag (12.30.97)
3. Tube >
4. Slave to the Traffic Light (12.7.97)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GSQARB19

Disc 4:
1. Punch You in the Eye >
2. Down with Disease (12.11.97)
3. Bathtub Gin >
4. Uncle Pen (8.17.97)
5. Wolfman’s Brother (12.1.03)
6. The Moma Dance (2.26.03)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6V9JZVX0

Disc 5:
1. Run Like an Antelope >
2. Catapult >
3. Run Like an Antelope (7.16.94)
4. Stash (11.14.95)
5. It’s Ice >
6. Swept Away >
7. Steep >
8. It’s Ice (12.7.97)
9. Lizards (3.22.93)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MO24QW7T

Disc 6:
1. Halley’s Comet (11.22.97)
2. Tweezer (2.28.03)
3. Maze (6.11.94)
4. Fluffhead (6.11.94)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CIZCF8V6

Disc 7:
1. 2001 (7.17.98)
2. Possum (5.17.92)
3. David Bowie (12.29.94)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YSG64VE8

Disc 8:
1. Split Open and Melt >
2. Catapult (12.31.99)
3. The Divided Sky (10.31.94)
4. Chalkdust Torture (7.10.99)
5. Back on the Train (2.28.03)
6. Harry Hood (12.30.95)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7DAPF1F9

Hopefully it’s a lot less flat than the previous system. I’m still holding off on going to visit the place during the remodel phase so that I can get full-fresh eyes and ears at the grand opening.

Anwyay, from the Cervantes facebook page:

“Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom gets a new sound system! We just finished putting in a new Meyer Mica Line Array sound system in Cervantes this week! Come check it out this weekend at Pigs on the Wing on Friday night! This new PA will make Cervantes sound better than ever. We look forward to your listening enjoyment. We are also enjoying our new stage and are anxious to start on the new bathrooms so stay tuned!!”

listening again…

November 3, 2009

well folks, it’s been a great weekend. I’m listening to exile again and am really impressed with how well the band pulled this off. page’s vocals and piano especially shine through the halloween set.

It was great getting to hang with good friends and make new friends all weekend. We got a lot of praise for our costumes (which had to be the best at the fest), the festival grounds were amazing and the visual candy (flame throwers, burbles, etc) were epic.

Thanks to JT and Taboot Art for being our base of operations, thanks to JT for being an awesome person, thanks to the Joker for his UPS package hilarity, thanks to everyone who told us ‘great costumes’, thanks to the weirdo lady during the acoustic set who was wearing nothing but a slip and kept pulling it up above your waist (it was hysterical), thanks to the folks operating the Burble — that thing is amazing. thanks in and out burger. thanks to tito and his walking stick, and to the guy with the plastic ‘roor’ in the line to get in Sunday. thanks to the mounted patrol for letting us take a picture with you (picture to come)

no thanks to: the guy who knew all the words to every song on Exile on Main Street and let everyone know it at the top of his lungs the entire set, the creeper old woman who snaked in on at least three of our sessions without even asking, and whoever ate all the donuts before we could get there, no thanks to the toolbags with laser pointers (you all suck).

i’ll likely get around to some sort of full review of the tunes and each day’s sets, but for now you can all simply enjoy these pics. I’ll get more up when I get a chance to hook erin’s camera up to the computer:



slap bag guy:



here’s ass lady. she just kept pulling up her slip like it wasn’t a big deal — flashing her ass right in the face of these two girls behind her. She also pulled up the front, showing her vag to anyone who happened to turn around:
ass lady

ass lady


the light from the flame-throwing oil towers behind us during the last set:

second Burble:

flaming oil derek towers:

good morning!

October 31, 2009

wow. what a great time last night.

the concert grounds are perfect. the grass is dry and soft, the art instalations are sick and the amount of vending and food is awesome. There was a guy lighting off paper hot-air balloons (you know, the kind where yoy light a candlein a paper bag and it flies away), and after the thing got airborne a few of us started screaming about poor Falcon up in the balooon.

the setlist was okay last night, but we have all said that those are the typ[e of songs you want to hear the first night of a festival — it’s not like i want them to come out and blow their load the first set.

that said, the second set was pretty much nasty.

oct. 30, 2009
Indio, CA

set one
chalkdust torute
moma dance (mike sounds good)
Stealing time
I didn’t know
poor heart
beauty of a broken heart
time turns elastic

Set II
dwd >
wolfman’s brother > NASTY JAM >
piper >
joy >

e:Character Zero

highlights were moma dance, stash jam, cavern (got the lyrics right), PYITE, wolfman’s jam, bowie and hood. theres this crazy flying balloon thing that changes lights to the musc that was flying around during hood that was pretty mind blowing. I’ll do a picture dump here in a second.

we’re chilling at the house now for a bit, listening to last night’s show and watching college football. a bit of pool time is in order, but we’re heading over to the festival ground around 1:30 in full costume. I promise more updates from the fest today, including the lot quote of the day.

i’m still calling for exile on main st, though it seems the rumor of an undisclosed album being the alum that is ‘killing’ the other albums (www.phish.com) and is the album they will play (possibly michael jackson’s ‘off the wall’)


on the green

October 30, 2009

of a golf course, that is…

we’ve all landed here in laquinta CA, just a few miles down the road from the polo grounds. nice contrast to the last few days in denver… im looking at blue skies, flowers and fucking BUMBLEBEES. got the pool heating up though, it gets chilly at night.

we have a few hours before we head over there — for the meantime, we are chilling by our pool by the 9th hole of some TPA golf course where the golf carts have AC units on top of them. must get hot as balls here.

anyway, we are headed over to the fest around 3 p.m. cali time. i’ll have more then.


Palm springs

October 30, 2009

Made it in about 45 mins late. In palm springs by 1125 and chilling at the little hotel we rented for the night before checking into our house.

Flew first class. Very nice. I could get used to it. Up tomorrow and off to the festy

In the airport…

October 29, 2009

Waiting to board our flight out if this winter tundra. Looks like Erin and I are going to be cruising first class. Sweet willy left his check-bag at home and had to haul ass back to get it. They are gonna make the flight tho. Derek, Liz, nik and Brian are flying frontier and are delayed an hour.

I’m watching the massive snow melt machine on the runway and hoping everyone else in Team Awesome makes their flights.

Two feet of snow, flghts cancelled allday, friends are sacking up and driving out to Indio….

But I’m holding tight in the cut and still set to board a first-class flight to John Wayne airport At 645 with Sweet Willy, his wife and now Dukemesh Jason has gotten a seat on our flight after his was cancelled thismorning.

Behold the power of phish.

More on-the-road updates from here on out. Keep checking back….

oh, and the costumes look FUCKING RAD!