live musicsaving turtles on beachesspending time with friendswrestling alligators in Floridasnowboarding and longboardingunderground Italian greyhound raceskayaking down snowcovered avalanche chutescliff diving into dixie cupsbluegrass festivalsreadingpunching donkeys,wrenching on my VWplotting the secession of my own backyard from the United Statespedaling around Denver on the beach cruiser  musicjournalismsnowboardinghiking/campingmusic,collecting absurd amounts of live phishchilling with my dog,musicfixing up my ’77 VWwritingreadingmusichassling bums in five pointsmusicschooling punk-ass-bitches in the game of lifefinding a way to bring whataburger to colorado,squash (the game not the veggie)feminist brunches,conservative blowhardsmindless liberalsfiguring out the pattern that is ‘shuffle songs’ on my ipodputting microphones in my hatgoat herdinginadvertently stalking members of the string cheese incidentmusicand generally being an overall badass and the coolest guy in the worldever. (period)

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