I’m sorry.

I really, really am. But grad school and work and my writing gig at WW have given me little to no time to post here (that is a lie, im just lazy and forgetful).

BUT…. things are rolling along in music land… cervantes had their grand-reopening (which the bathrooms weren’t finished for), I went and saw a pretty good little post-grunge trio called The Ultraviolent Lights at Quixotes (odd venue for such a band) and ended up being one of three people in the audience, and i made it to one night of the disco biscuits at the fox (i don’t remember much from that, other than the music never stops at a DB show).

and today, i snagged two tickets to two of the three nights of the return (sortof) of the string cheese incident at Red Rocks this summer. so, my summer is starting to take shape it seems….

that, and rumored phish dates:
Wrigley 6/10
Deercreek 6/11,12,13
Huntington Park Columbus 6/16
Charlotte 6/18
Va Beach 6/19
Toronto 6/21
hershey park 6/22
MPP 6/23
atlanta 6/25, 26, 27

7/12 Jones beach Flushing NY
15th PNC
Camden 18&19
7/31 Denver
Gorge 8/5,6,7
VEGAS 8/9,19 (MGM Grand?)
Hollywood Bowl tour closer 8/13,14

SO, i hope that’s a good amount for my first update of the year. i promise i’ll post more in the near future!

OH, CRAP. i almost forgot:

I’m going to be in Jamaica in mid-march, so more travel bloggins to come!


(another) Cervantes update…

November 10, 2009


sounds like they have a lot going on up in the old Casino Ballroom in Five Points right now… some really good things too (including ::shocker:: cold beer!) I’m also looking forward to what the new layout will be with the bathrooms all being shifted to the stage right side of the room as well as hearing what a decent soundsystem will do for the flatness that is that concrete-and-wood-floor box of a room. I wonder what chemical they are using to remove the wookie-grime from the handrails in the balcony, though… that always confounded me how they were so nasty.

the place deserves it, honestly and I’m glad that such a historical venue is going to shine on for a while longer (the list of people who played there, from BB King to Aretha Franklin, would blow your mind, as well as it’s history being chronicled in Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’).

maybe they’ll even put in some vents or retractable something-or-others in the roof to air that bitz out during hot/smokey shows. I always thought that would be a great idea for places like that and the fillmore….

anyway, this is a pass-on from Duncan, via [pt.com]:

So…it’s been a month and this has been a lot of fun (stress) so far. This really is the job that I have always needed and I will definitely thrive at it. Thanks for all the support from everybody so far!


1. STAGE – The stage is brand new and f’ing kick ass. It extends out on the front sides where they were squared off before. The subs fit under the front of the stage now instead of free standing on the sides like they were before.

2. SOUND – We’ve got 2 new Meyer Mica series line arrays that are actually fitted for a venue like Cervantes’. The hanging speakers that we had before were more fitted for an outdoor venue. Let me tell you, the sound is incredible now! I don’t even have an ear for sound but I can tell that there is a HUGE difference.

3. BATHROOMS – We will be breaking ground on the bathrooms on Monday, November 16th. The women’s room will be moved to where the current green room is and there will be at least 5 stalls with 5 toilets not including the current green room bathroom that will remain. All of the toilets will be new ‘power flush’ models. LADIES, YOU WILL NOW HAVE 6 STALLS WITH 6 TOILETS THAT SHOULDN’T STOP UP ANYMORE.

4. COLD BEER – Beer is now being delivered on Thursday instead of Friday which gives us an extra 24 hours to cool the beer down for Friday night shows. We’re also being more proactive about making sure to stock the walk-in with as many cases as we can so that once it comes out of the walk-in it goes straight into the beer cooler behind the bar.

We’re making progress! Come down and say ‘hey’ sometime. I will definitely be here. This is my new home!

disco ball

Hopefully it’s a lot less flat than the previous system. I’m still holding off on going to visit the place during the remodel phase so that I can get full-fresh eyes and ears at the grand opening.

Anwyay, from the Cervantes facebook page:

“Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom gets a new sound system! We just finished putting in a new Meyer Mica Line Array sound system in Cervantes this week! Come check it out this weekend at Pigs on the Wing on Friday night! This new PA will make Cervantes sound better than ever. We look forward to your listening enjoyment. We are also enjoying our new stage and are anxious to start on the new bathrooms so stay tuned!!”