I’m sorry.

I really, really am. But grad school and work and my writing gig at WW have given me little to no time to post here (that is a lie, im just lazy and forgetful).

BUT…. things are rolling along in music land… cervantes had their grand-reopening (which the bathrooms weren’t finished for), I went and saw a pretty good little post-grunge trio called The Ultraviolent Lights at Quixotes (odd venue for such a band) and ended up being one of three people in the audience, and i made it to one night of the disco biscuits at the fox (i don’t remember much from that, other than the music never stops at a DB show).

and today, i snagged two tickets to two of the three nights of the return (sortof) of the string cheese incident at Red Rocks this summer. so, my summer is starting to take shape it seems….

that, and rumored phish dates:
Wrigley 6/10
Deercreek 6/11,12,13
Huntington Park Columbus 6/16
Charlotte 6/18
Va Beach 6/19
Toronto 6/21
hershey park 6/22
MPP 6/23
atlanta 6/25, 26, 27

7/12 Jones beach Flushing NY
15th PNC
Camden 18&19
7/31 Denver
Gorge 8/5,6,7
VEGAS 8/9,19 (MGM Grand?)
Hollywood Bowl tour closer 8/13,14

SO, i hope that’s a good amount for my first update of the year. i promise i’ll post more in the near future!

OH, CRAP. i almost forgot:

I’m going to be in Jamaica in mid-march, so more travel bloggins to come!


Hopefully it’s a lot less flat than the previous system. I’m still holding off on going to visit the place during the remodel phase so that I can get full-fresh eyes and ears at the grand opening.

Anwyay, from the Cervantes facebook page:

“Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom gets a new sound system! We just finished putting in a new Meyer Mica Line Array sound system in Cervantes this week! Come check it out this weekend at Pigs on the Wing on Friday night! This new PA will make Cervantes sound better than ever. We look forward to your listening enjoyment. We are also enjoying our new stage and are anxious to start on the new bathrooms so stay tuned!!”


according to Westword, Denver Dead-bar staple Quixotes has been sold and is getting a new name and facelift. And While Cervantes is staying under the same moniker, some major improvements are talked about in the article.

Also, Jay posted this on FAcebook:

“It is with much sadness and reluctance that I write this statement. But the time has come and it is now and it is necessary. I will no longer be a part of Cervantes and Quixote’s True Blue will be no more. There will be no resurrection. It has been a… long run, but the luck ran out in the thirteenth year. Perhaps there are times when surrender seems foolish.

However, it is sometimes necessary to raise the white flag to save your life. I am a fighter and I have never even considered surrender. I feel that I have always been fighting for my very survival, but in doing so I became careless and detached. I w…anted to win so badly that I made poor decisions regarding my life and my very soul. I wanted to win so bad I forgot what I was really fighting for in the end.

I wanted to just carve out my niche, but in the heat of the battle I became my own enemy. I was there for the music, but got caught up in the game. I was left behind the 8 ball barely surviving.

I always thought that somehow there would be an “It’s a Wonderful Life” ending to everything whereas everybody comes together and saves the whole enterprise against corporate tyranny. I always thought that somehow somewhere there would be a once upon… a time story that happened for real, but those endings are only in storybooks and movies and this is reality.

I know there are things that could possibly be done. I could do benefits, I could sell memberships, I could ask for sponsorships, but I do not really think it is becoming to ask for money to sustain something that should sustain itself. If it becomes… necessary there will be a place for me. But for now the struggle to survive must take precedence.

As a captain of the ship, I must take responsibility for my failures as well as my successes. So this is what I need to do, I need to raise the white flag and surrender. I need to put a stop to the impossible dreams.

I need to pay attention to reality and bring my accounts current. I will leave what is left of my legacy to my partner and trusty staff to carry on and will walk away with my head up high and proud that I accomplished so much.

I believe I have been a cornerstone of the music scene in Colorado and will be in the future, but now will take a more laidback grassroots approach to it. I will be around and I will promote shows, but I would prefer to concentrate on the shows that really mean something to me.

Be On Key presents will remain, but in a more limited fashion as I get back to the roots and also spend some time with my much neglected family.I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Stay True and always Be On Key,
Jay Bianchi”

For one, I think it’s sad that jay and co. had to run such a success into the ground and to the point of having to sell out of a very lucrative niche market they developed. It seems they had a lock on things, and when cervantes opened in 2003 I thought by now it would have become something completely different than the weird pit of despair it has become. I feel bad for some of the folks working there because they are truly awesome people and do want more out of what they already have (some of whom will continue to work there — i think you know who you are if you are reading this)

i was at cervantes last saturday for a bit (some of you may remember… i barely do) and it was as dingy and gross as ever. can’t wait to see some changes take place there. i only go there when i really want to see a band. those venues (Except sanchos on a weeknight, which i can still enjoy from time to time) are no longer part of the list when i find myself saying ‘lets find something to do tonight’ on a weekend night, however.

i’ll also say that, while i find the places to be gross and dirty — most of it is because of the wookery that goes on there. The owners and employees aren’t the ones puking in the corner, pissing on the walls and breaking bottles and pint glasses everywhere (most of the time). it’s just that the ‘regular’ crowd of ‘jamband kidz’ who hang around cervantes (which is where i’m picking on most) are just getting as trashed as possible.

whatever, hopefully we get a shiny new badass venue out of this — because as much as Jay and Co. have lost in this, the music scene in Denver really was the loser over these last few years in becoming complacent with these places — regardless of who is at fault.


The leaves in the trees aren’t the only thing changing in Denver. We received late confirmation that Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and Quixotes True Blue next door have indeed been sold. Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks that a deal was in the works, and last night it was finalized between the Bianchi brothers and a group of partners consisting of Duncan Goodman, Josh Sonnenburg, Jeff Howell and Scott Morrill, who currently owns a stake in both places. You may remember the name Duncan Goodman from an item we ran back in July about the Phamily Reunion Festival in Idaho Springs that coincided with the four nights of Phish at Red Rocks.

The rumors were stoked by a Facebook message posted by Jay Bianchi, one of the principal owners of the spaces, this past week: “It is with much sadness and reluctance that I write this statement. But the time has come and it is now and it is necessary. I will no longer be a part of Cervantes, and Quixote’s True Blue will be no more. There will be no resurrection. It has been a long run, but the luck ran out in the thirteenth year. Perhaps there are times when surrender seems foolish. However, it is sometimes necessary to raise the white flag to save your life.”

Owlsey’s Golden Road and Sancho’s Broken Arrow will be retained by the Bianchi brothers and are not a part of the Cervantes/Quixotes deal, which comes hot on the heels of the sale of Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey, another of their properties which was sold in a separate transaction in early September.

While it’s true that Quixotes, the long running club that has hop-scotched it’s way around Denver before settling on Welton Street, will be no more (a name change is in the works for the room), Cervantes will continue forward under it’s existing moniker. Best of all, the new owners have promised an interior remodel of both venues, including new larger bathrooms, larger stages, improved lighting and sound systems, more seating, new performer greenrooms and a generous coat of interior paint throughout — all of which is long overdue.

“In the years I have been involved with Cervantes it has become the hub for live art in Denver,” says Morrill. “It has developed into a family, starting with the faithful fans, the artists on stage and painting in the crowd, and the staff. Now it’s time that the family gets a new house.”

Everyone on the new team intends to build upon the success of the venues and that any and all changes made would be to increase the overall customer experience.

“The sky is the limit,” adds Goodman. “And we plan to show Denver that we are ready to set a much higher standard in all aspects of the live concert experience for the fans and the artists.”

The space Cervantes occupies was formerly known as the Casino Cabaret, which dates back to the 1930s and has hosted such acts as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Ray Charles and Ike & Tina Turner, among others.


May 10, 2009

At Cervantes/quixotes seeing both the Untz and some grass.

More later, too many glitter kids are staring at the pretty lights of my phone