I’m moving on…

November 23, 2009

You heard me. I’m moving on. and it’s to bigger and better pastures…

oh, me? no, not me personally…I”m staying in Denver.

Its just that part of Bleeding Senses will be moving on to a more appropriate venue — specifically the blogs on WESTWORD.COM!!!


yes, yours truly is now an official and REAL (read: underpaid) blogger for an actual publication (and a damn cool one at that)

Now hopefully this first blog post doesn’t get my season pass revoked…

I present to you: Sin Your Way Through Ski Season
(oh, and i’m clearly not Joe Tone… though hopefully the byline has been corrected to say my name by the time anyone reads this)


Otherwise, I plan on staying up as your normal, less-than-frequently-updated source for all second-hand news about phish and the Denver jamband scene… afterall, where else will my loyal seven get their news?


Day One…

November 16, 2009

… and boy are my legs BEAT.

woke up today and drove up to Keystone with the old burton love board and met up with Greg at his place. Cruised over to Keystone with a stop for a mcmuffin and picked up my 09-10 epic pass at the pass office. lift lines weren’t a problem today, and we were able to lap the few runs they had open weren’t very packed (springdipper and jackwhacker were the two main ones). I remembered again today how much snowboarding means to me, and how important it is to be able to get out with your good friends in nature and play around like little kids for a while.

They also had a little park setup going on with probably 15 features in it –but i wasn’t about to blow out my knees or back or anything like that on my first day. great weather outside: slightly warm, but not hot and blue skies all around.

Met up with Montana Brock for the last run of the day — and probalby my only turns with him in Colorado this year as he’s headed up to MT for the winter to work as a hunting guide. Finished up the day around 1:30 after 9 runs and drove home to Denver.

i’m glad i finally got out and took some turns. I was concerned about how my back would hold up (fine) and how long before i would get my ‘sea legs’ back (6 runs). I’ll hopefully have more time to get up and ride over the next few weeks as the snow gets better. Vail opens Friday, so I might find some time soon to get up there for a few runs.

you can check on Keystone’s terrain status here: http://www.keystoneresort.com/ski-and-snowboard/terrain-status.aspx

chute me.

April 6, 2009

woke up yesterday and headed up to Vail to meet up with Greg, JD and their friends Nick and Alan to do some OB laps in East Vail. Made it to frisco by 9:30, flew over to Vail on 70 in the morning sun and geared up at Alans house in East Vail. Due to some injuries and unemployment at their house, they had managed to build one of the sickest snow-forts i have ever seen — complete with at least two rooms, a fire pit and a luge track that led from the back door down to the fire pit.

anyway, rode down to lionshead and parked (for free), threw on the packs and grabbed some breaky for the lift.

here’s our day (all of two major runs):


went up 8 > 2 > 4 > sleepytime catwalk > chair 21… up 21 and out the back into mushroom bowl (behind chair 21… we hiked up behind that large cliff wall that is looker’s-right when you are getting off the lift)

(blue tracks) down mushroom bowl and all the way around back in bounds to the base of chair 10 > flapjack > 14. that’s the blue tracks. the blue circle represents the best part of the bowl. Top section was a bit sloughy, but very soft nonetheless. super floaty and a good first steep section. watched some random Asian dude hip-check off the cliff at the top of 21… the same random Asian dude would completely screw me 10 minutes later by forcing me into a tree well.

the rest was a bit of a luge track through the trees. I actually got rutted in a tree well at one point after coming around a blind turn and avoiding some dude standing in the middle of the tracks taking pictures of a tree. i got pretty pissed at that point. Ended up back down on Mill Creek Rd. (which they cat-groom during the winter)… it’s a really peaceful and pretty cruise through that area. you really feel out-there. out-there, that is, until you come back around and start to hear the hummming of Chair 10 around the ridge. pretty surreal to go from the BC to a resort as quick as you do, but you.

anyway, back up ten…

up 14 to two elk.. then down dragon’s teeth to chair 21. There was a bit of soft snow, but it all had this martian-red color to it due to desert sands from Moab being deposited by wind.

up 21, down silk road to the mongolia poma.

(red tracks) up the poma then about a 20-30 minute hike up the ridge, then down into the East Vail chutes. back there we apparently did The Waterfall, which was somewhat skiid off… but after that section we headed skiiers left anddown into the pine forest. Excellently-spaced out trees, and we must have run them out for a solid three minutes before stopping. I’ve skiid that fast in the trees three times this year — all three with JD and Greg. Either way, this was some of the best glad skking i have done. thick enough to be soft and fun, but not so thick as to be too hard to turn.

We cruised down through the glades and ended up in the gully… I”m not surewhat the actual gully/chute name we rode out to our cars at Alan’s house in east vail (that’s where the red tracks end). the red circle represents the best glad skiing i did all year. easily the fastest i have gone in the trees.

Here’s a wider shot of all of Vail with our tracks…the yellow marks (roughly) the in-bounds of vail.


anyway, great day. i can’t believe it’s april. pics to come when greg gets his camera back working.

(once again, thanks to iTrailMap3D and www.3dskier.com for putting out such an awesome GPS system!)