Day One…

November 16, 2009

… and boy are my legs BEAT.

woke up today and drove up to Keystone with the old burton love board and met up with Greg at his place. Cruised over to Keystone with a stop for a mcmuffin and picked up my 09-10 epic pass at the pass office. lift lines weren’t a problem today, and we were able to lap the few runs they had open weren’t very packed (springdipper and jackwhacker were the two main ones). I remembered again today how much snowboarding means to me, and how important it is to be able to get out with your good friends in nature and play around like little kids for a while.

They also had a little park setup going on with probably 15 features in it –but i wasn’t about to blow out my knees or back or anything like that on my first day. great weather outside: slightly warm, but not hot and blue skies all around.

Met up with Montana Brock for the last run of the day — and probalby my only turns with him in Colorado this year as he’s headed up to MT for the winter to work as a hunting guide. Finished up the day around 1:30 after 9 runs and drove home to Denver.

i’m glad i finally got out and took some turns. I was concerned about how my back would hold up (fine) and how long before i would get my ‘sea legs’ back (6 runs). I’ll hopefully have more time to get up and ride over the next few weeks as the snow gets better. Vail opens Friday, so I might find some time soon to get up there for a few runs.

you can check on Keystone’s terrain status here:



So i mean to stick to things like recapping phish shows and ski seasons… so i’m going to get back to my recap of The Winter of Boyd…

I think we left off at day 14:

Ski Journal 2008-2009

Day 14 :
no new snow. on the (Option Freeplus) 162, solo today.
drove up at 8:30, on the mtn by 10:45 😦
had to park in lionshead, rode up 8, down game creek. tracked out with lots of cover.
up 7 to top of 3, then down 4 > 11. Rode glades off of [can’t read] then down to base of 11. Full maze, rode past to 10.
Looked down top of klicketyklack, lots of untouched. lapped it three times, laughing loudly.
Up 10, down to 11. down flapjack > KK (two times)
final lap was down flapjack over to prima, over to shitty catwalk. got told i had a nice jacket (i do)

Day 15, dec 8 – with Greg
got up by 11, rode loveland pass once. not near enough cover, and choppy after a 15 minute hike, left and went to a-basin with greg. rolled the lower lifts for 5-6 runs, doing idiot tricks off catwalks, boulders and tree branches on side of run. got home by 4

day 16, dec 9 – with e-rock
woke up not going riding, but got a txt from erock. 3-4 inches in denver, less in the mountains. just got up to stretch my legs. 6 runs. nothing to write home about. made it home from keystone in under an hour in erocks new wrx.

day 17, dec 11 – vail. solo — OPENING OF MORE BACK BOWLS
8 > 2 > 4
RAGED down under 14, dropping in just past two elk. riding 21 for a while, crust on the top [they let the snow build up for weeks, so it was deep but had some crust], but you can FLY – red square. ended up loopoing past 21 to teacup and am lapping teacup bowl. FRESH FUCKING TURNS ALL DAY LONG. HEAVEN.
DESTROYING teacup bowl with straightlines. [i remember this, and it was fucking awesome to be the only person riding teacup bowl]
met up with Yarmonygrass Andrew and his crew @ noon. detroyed ghengis, teacup and red square. kids can rip. good times.

day 18 vail, dec 15
5 degrees in my car in town.
lots of layers, very warm (I NEED FLEECE LONGJOHNS!)
1:25 DRIVE to get to vail by 10 a.m., up 16 to start.
16 > 4 xmas/riva glade, tracked but still soft. love this canopy of trees.
got a call from greg at 11
rode northwoods 2x then back up 11 to the top of 5 then down to the bottom. met greg, JD and Andrew. Down to the FS to the trees. KNEE DEEP in spots, back up b’s express… over to pete’s chair.
rode pete’s up then to the right out the cat track to idependence then out of bounds down… NASTY DEEP HEAVY SNOW, riding the hardest i’ve ridden all year. FLYING.
down past petes, up teacup lift, down yonder-ish around to frontside… home by 4:30 to get erin from work.

day 19 – keystone, solo.
-1″ of new snow, looks soft though, almost 2,000 acres open now, made it up by 9, riding till noon looking for stashes. less brobrahs today…

day 20 – Vail, dec. 19
16 >4 down sunrize (?) to 17. 17 to east teacup bowl. perfect turns. going up to bluesky at 10. down through “the woods” 3x. NICE tracks, BIG rock drops >> up 33, crowded, moved to 17 to two elk. met up with brian around 2 p.m. and rode northwoods 3x before goinng home.

day 21, a-basin, solo (winter solstice)
four runs to warm up the legs, slid the box and flat rail a few times.

day 22, dec 24, Ski Santa Fe with Dad and Rhew
whole mtn open
left my boots at home, drove back 30 minutes to get them. suck.
decent snow, light, sunbaked NM underside.
two runs, then burgers with dad and bro.

okay… more in a week or so as we count down until the 2009-2010 season!