…. it’s coming….

June 16, 2010

i know it’s been a long, long time friends… but updates are coming soon!

see you all in DC, Berkeley and Telluride…


Set 1 highlights.

June 20, 2009


Nailed fluffhead. Looking forward to second set now. Sally?

so, I was in the hospital for most of this week with stomach problems… i’m out now, and finally back to what I wanted to be doing when I got back from hawaii — uploading photos, and working on a final blog of the trip.

expect that in the next few days, as well as phish updates as well – – that is, once i get back into a normal swing of things.

we head for deer creek in less than a week!


May 28, 2009


so, i’m off to the Big Island in the morning for a 10-day jaunt with Erin. We are starting the trip in a late-80s VW camper bus (not quite as cool as Bussy, but pretty rad nonetheless) and trekking around the island — checking out beaches, volcanoes, locals, tourists, organic hippie communes (seriously), longboarding spots (skateboarding, that is), disc golf courses, etc.

then we end our trip with a five-day stay at a resort — complete with tacky tourists in flowered shirts, a luau/pig roast, surfing lessons (i’m gonna be a 28-year-old-grom!), and general lounging and sunning my skinny-ass.

We aren’t bringing a laptop, but i’ll be posting pics from the phone now and then as well as (hopefully) nightly updates (which, will be way early morning for you mainlanders…. which really helps my ‘post every morning’ thing in check). I’ve also started a new category (titled: MY VACATION (is better than your life)).

anyway, enjoy… and hold things down stateside for me. I’ll be checking in on phish setlists FOR SURE, and expect my good friends over at http://phishcoventry.blogspot.com to have plenty of tasty show mp3 links up by the time I get back. watch out for wookies, friends.

until later… aloha bishes!

*update: Erin has a way of cramming more things into a situation than it really requires (or at least, more than I think it requires. I’m often wrong, though.. what do I know)

Take, for example, packing for Hawaii… now, I get that women pack differently than men (it took me two hours and a bowl of pot to decide what I needed and how to fit it in one simple backpack), and that she has been a lot busier than I have lately (she actually has a REAL job)… but it’s 11:20 – exactly 12 hours before we fly out – and she is unpacking closets full of clothes she hasn’t seen since last year and trying everying on from her ‘summer wardrobe’.

Now, on top of that… she asks me to print out the rebate from the city water department for the super-duper-mega-efficient washer we purchased in March. All 8 pages of it. Now, this type of thing can wait 10 days until we get back – but it won’t.

Meanwhile, my bed is covered in her clothes… I ate like 6 miligrams of thorazine and some sort of cookie for my flight anxiety and am pretty much in this weird lucid dream state whereby I feel like I’m flying.

And now I have to move the bathroom vanity that is currently in our entryway so she can get in a closet – likely for something she won’t take with us anyway. Did I mention we are three weeks into a six week master bathroom remodel and are leaving town? Yeah. Stress levels are HIGH.

11:50. not much noise up there… as in, not much packing going on. I luckily set up the bed in the basement the other day for a nap in the cool dankness that is a Denver basement in May… might have to take that over…..

I just stared at the blinking cursor until my screen saver came on.

Holy shit, I’ve sure got some powerful pills.

**update (11:55) — we have progress, a lot is in the bag. she’s almost near go to bed time. damn. just showed her the blog. “are you talking about me on there?” yes. it makes for decent copy. or, at least decent to me at this point in time.

entertaining at least.

yet another phish post.

April 1, 2009

I bet you, my loyal seven readers, are starting to see the theme here…

anyway, I posted this somewhere else, but figured it belonged here as well. MP3’s of the first night of Hampton are posted below. I’ll get the other two nights up over the next day or so. enjoy!

now almost a month later i listen and i hear the flubs, and i hear the big mess ups… but more and more the more subtle songs are standing out… and page, overall, was the MVP for the weekend.

i keep meaning to put together a retrospect of the music after a good listen, and whatnot… but a few things i’ve noticed about the shows:

fishman flubs as much, if not more, than anyone
page is singing a few new harmonies
page’s piano and clavinet lead a lot of the jams
sunday night is the loosest night, and the band is the most comfortable on stage.

soam, guelah, limb x limb, wolfman’s brother, undermind (though i had heard trey play that version before, so it wasn’t totally *new* to me), my friend, maze, tube (though this is one where they reallly could have funked out for a while and held back for sure, its still pretty solid playing), seven below, twist >2001>moma…

good stuff in there, for sure…

and i watched a vid of miami 2003 yesterday, and watching (and listening) to them fuck up songs then is PAINFUL. they rushed through the composed parts (which they butchered) to get to the jams because that is all they could hold down it seems…
watching and listening to them fuck up a few parts in the composed sections but overall nail them (and now and not jam out as much) — TO ME — shows that they are trying to get back to a solid foundation and not rely on 30 minute versions of songs to get through shows. this summer will tell, though.

Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, Virginia

Source: AKG 460B omni capsules > Crown phantom power > D8

Location: FOB – Approx 80 foot split
18 feet from left stack + 18 feet from right stack

Recorded By: Scott & Boris

Disc I

01 Crowd
02 Fluffhead
03 Divided Sky
04 Chalkdust Torture
05 Sample In A Jar
06 Stash
07 I Didn’t Know
08 Oh Ke Pa
09 Suzie Greenberg
10 Farmhouse

Disc 2

02 Horn
03 Rift
04 Train Song
05 Water From The Sky
06 Squirmin’ Coil
07 David Bowie
2nd Set:
08 Crowd
09 Backwards Down The Number Line *
10 Tweezer
11 Taste
12 Possom

Disc 3

01 Theme From The Bottom
02 1st Tube
03 Harry Hood
04 Waste
05 You Enjoy Myself (false start)
06 You Enjoy Myself
07 Grind **
08 Bouncin’ Round The Room
09 Lovin’ Cup

  • first time played
  • *acapella

Set ONE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nubpj2
Set TWO: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jhu8tw

ticketbastardwith the recent phish summer tour madness and scores of tickets being sold for %1000 times the original value, people are starting to talk about new ways to ensure tickets landing in the hands of fans…

AC/DC, of all bands, tried a new ‘paperless’ system, and while i can see some drawbacks (honest ticket trades and face-value sales wouldn’t work anymore), they far outweigh watching my friends fret over paying $300 or more for one night of music in their own backyard.

That said, there has to be some sort of catch… and it has to involve ticketbastard’s evil cousin: TicketsNow, which resells seats as a ‘third party’ broker, but really is essentially another branch of ticketmaster and kicks backs profits of scalped tickets to tickemaster, the promoter and even the band.

don’t believe me?

here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123672740386088613.html

And while this is a great idea put forth by ACDC, there’s no way ticketbastard would lose the money they could be making in the secondary market.,.. hence the 3,000 ‘paperless ticket’ limit.

ACDC doesn’t have enough clout to tell ticketmaster to eff themselves and get all tickets put to paperless… but bands like U2, springsteen and even phish sure as hell could – if they wanted to.

so, while i fully admit this isn’t going to end scalpers with a limited number of ‘paperless tickets’, I’d like to see phish adopt something like this, even if it is for a select number of tickets for each show for starters….

from ticketbastard on the AC/DC tour:

* Ticketmaster's (Nasdaq:TKTM) Paperless Ticket(tm) will be used
      for AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour, the company announced today.
    * AC/DC is using Paperless Ticket to help ensure fan club members
      and fans purchasing designated seats will be able to secure
      tickets at face value.  Seats delivered with Paperless Ticket
      will not be transferable.
    * These fans will not have to stand in long will call lines or
      remember to bring their paper tickets to the show.  They simply
      present venue door staff their credit card, along with a valid
      photo ID, and they'll get a receipt and be granted immediate
      access.  The entire process is quick, simple, and secure.
    * Paperless Ticket will be used for up to 3,000 seats each night

      of the Black Ice World Tour.


sorry friends, didn’t get any extras for you all.

that was one of the quickest sell outs i have ever seen… i know half the venue was already sold through phish lottery, but that was still amazingly fast.

best of luck

::pulling hair out::

Erin has been charged for tickets… but STILL no email.

motherfucker, this is frustrating….

still waiting…

March 24, 2009

well, we have been charged on Erin’s card for phish late summer tickets…

but we still don’t have any confirmation emails yet to either of our accounts for either of our lottery orders… hopefully that is a good sign.

in other news-of-the-boyd, i crushed 14 inches of fresh snow at Copper Mountain today with Greg and JD…

i’ll have a nice, big ski post about that later tonight (including some secret pow-stash stuff [meow!]) — after the cold sweats from waiting out this phish ticket thing go away…