I’m sorry.

I really, really am. But grad school and work and my writing gig at WW have given me little to no time to post here (that is a lie, im just lazy and forgetful).

BUT…. things are rolling along in music land… cervantes had their grand-reopening (which the bathrooms weren’t finished for), I went and saw a pretty good little post-grunge trio called The Ultraviolent Lights at Quixotes (odd venue for such a band) and ended up being one of three people in the audience, and i made it to one night of the disco biscuits at the fox (i don’t remember much from that, other than the music never stops at a DB show).

and today, i snagged two tickets to two of the three nights of the return (sortof) of the string cheese incident at Red Rocks this summer. so, my summer is starting to take shape it seems….

that, and rumored phish dates:
Wrigley 6/10
Deercreek 6/11,12,13
Huntington Park Columbus 6/16
Charlotte 6/18
Va Beach 6/19
Toronto 6/21
hershey park 6/22
MPP 6/23
atlanta 6/25, 26, 27

7/12 Jones beach Flushing NY
15th PNC
Camden 18&19
7/31 Denver
Gorge 8/5,6,7
VEGAS 8/9,19 (MGM Grand?)
Hollywood Bowl tour closer 8/13,14

SO, i hope that’s a good amount for my first update of the year. i promise i’ll post more in the near future!

OH, CRAP. i almost forgot:

I’m going to be in Jamaica in mid-march, so more travel bloggins to come!


1. Flashy light girl and guy
2. Teenage clappers (8) next to us
3. Laser pointer toolbags.
4. Shirtless Johnny in front of me who keeps standing up on my row and bumping into Erin.


August 29, 2009

Fuck this trend if selling flashy lights in the form of sunglasses, bunny ears and necklaces.

Fuck this guy selling said things tonight.

And fuck our neighbors for being the chain-smoking idiot types that buy such things and wearing them all night.

I may throw something in a bit.

Show is good tho. Finally turned it up 6 songs in.

Girl, maybe 19-20: Sooooooo, I wrote the guys in toubabe krewe, and they wrote back and saaid I could get BACCKSTAGE PASSES!!!!! (to a TK show)

The way she skipped and raised her voice as she said backstage passes made it so funny, as if the beatles asked her backstage.

If you don’t get how that’s funny, don’t worry.

Thanks Kara for the quote help.

On the way

August 29, 2009

Nice, mellow evening in Denver. Cold modelo in my hand, talking heads on the player and Erin is driving.

Trying to make it with some time to chill in the lot.

So… your favorite reporter here at bleedingsenses (there’s only one of us, so i have to be your favorite by default) will be braving the jamgrass masses to catch Yonder at red rocks tonight.

In stark contrast to the last 5 years of my life, this was the first time I didn’t make every effort to get to all of the YMSB shows leading up to tonight — including a 200-person show at the Soiled Dove on wednesday night and a show at the Fox in boulder last night… I’m pretty amped to see the boys tonight, however I am also a bit apprehensive of what material they will bust out tonight for the big audience considering they have an album dropping next week.

it’s also the infamous Dukemesh’s birthday celebration tonight, which should add an extra sense of festivalness to the evening…

ANYWAY, I should be up at red rocks around 6 starting with my (often not) witty observations and setlist updates…

until later,

denverb, out…..

ticketbastardwith the recent phish summer tour madness and scores of tickets being sold for %1000 times the original value, people are starting to talk about new ways to ensure tickets landing in the hands of fans…

AC/DC, of all bands, tried a new ‘paperless’ system, and while i can see some drawbacks (honest ticket trades and face-value sales wouldn’t work anymore), they far outweigh watching my friends fret over paying $300 or more for one night of music in their own backyard.

That said, there has to be some sort of catch… and it has to involve ticketbastard’s evil cousin: TicketsNow, which resells seats as a ‘third party’ broker, but really is essentially another branch of ticketmaster and kicks backs profits of scalped tickets to tickemaster, the promoter and even the band.

don’t believe me?

here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123672740386088613.html

And while this is a great idea put forth by ACDC, there’s no way ticketbastard would lose the money they could be making in the secondary market.,.. hence the 3,000 ‘paperless ticket’ limit.

ACDC doesn’t have enough clout to tell ticketmaster to eff themselves and get all tickets put to paperless… but bands like U2, springsteen and even phish sure as hell could – if they wanted to.

so, while i fully admit this isn’t going to end scalpers with a limited number of ‘paperless tickets’, I’d like to see phish adopt something like this, even if it is for a select number of tickets for each show for starters….

from ticketbastard on the AC/DC tour:

* Ticketmaster's (Nasdaq:TKTM) Paperless Ticket(tm) will be used
      for AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour, the company announced today.
    * AC/DC is using Paperless Ticket to help ensure fan club members
      and fans purchasing designated seats will be able to secure
      tickets at face value.  Seats delivered with Paperless Ticket
      will not be transferable.
    * These fans will not have to stand in long will call lines or
      remember to bring their paper tickets to the show.  They simply
      present venue door staff their credit card, along with a valid
      photo ID, and they'll get a receipt and be granted immediate
      access.  The entire process is quick, simple, and secure.
    * Paperless Ticket will be used for up to 3,000 seats each night

      of the Black Ice World Tour.


sorry friends, didn’t get any extras for you all.

that was one of the quickest sell outs i have ever seen… i know half the venue was already sold through phish lottery, but that was still amazingly fast.

best of luck

i posted these elsewhere… but figured you, my loyal seven readers, might want them as well.

red rocks
Set One
Set Two

Set One
Set Two


then March crud brings the April mud.

man i’m clever at 7:52 in the morning.

the snowflakes are falling here in Denver today, Vail has a fresh 12 inches…

and i’m going to be right here at the computer trying to get a few more phish red rocks tickets for friends and family. I’ll possibly get out with the dog later over at Ruby Hill and see if he’ll make a good backcountry dog.

good luck to you all!

in the meantime, here’s links to phish 3/1/97 in Germany… this is the show that the songs for their live album Slip, Stitch and Pass was pulled from.

part one:


part two: