Have you missed me??

October 22, 2009

well, grad ,school and work and life have gotten in the way lately… and i haven’t really even gone out to see much live music OR been skiing yet… so there’s not much to report.

HOWEVER… in 8 days I’ll be traveling (with 8 people) to phish’s 8th festival, Festival 8 (isn’t that great!) over Halloween weekend at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA — at the site of the Coachella Music and Arts festival.


while festivals in the past have had as many as 80k people in attendence (NYE 2000 in Florida), this one is rumored to be about half that size…

Phish will be selecting a ‘musical costume’ to wear on Halloween night, and http://www.phish.com has set up a really cool gallery of the 100 possible albums — with more and more getting killed by arrows, axes or knives over the last few weeks as the concert draws closer. My pick all along was the Rolling Stones ‘Exile on Main St.’, which is still in the running (and according to rumored maps of the site which have each campground named after a final album, will be one of the final 8 albums going into the festival).

Exile on main street.

my other pick would be Boston’s self-titled album or Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust — though neither of them are part of the rumored final 8.

as for OUR costume, we have decided that in honor of going to the polo club for the weekend we would don polo attire and go as Polo Team 8…. Er and I are getting the custom polo shirts screen printed right now. This isn’t the final logo — i’m saving that to show until the festival — but our initial sketch was something like this:

this is my first phish festival since Big Cypress (new years eve 2000), so i’m pretty pumped… Phish tends to go all-out in preparing for these fests, with massive art installations, carnival rides, vending, etc… plus there’s the entertainment of being around thousands of phish heads (this time in southern cali) camping together. Apparently there’s a massive area for trading music, a huge bar with ‘EXTRA BLOODY’ bloody marys, big screens for MLB playoffs and NFL games on sunday and (most importantly for you, dear readers) free wifi, so I will be updating live during the day (or, when i feel like it) from the fest. With 8 sets of music (including a Sunday-morning acoustic set, complete with coffee and 8-shaped donuts).

Also, Team Bleedingsenses (aka Team Awesome) has rented a golf chalet to stay in all weekend with 9-10 other Colorado music freaks.
Its’ way too nice for us (as usual), and apparently in the same neighborhood where team phish was looking to rent a few places (most likely for this week during the setup), so you never know who our neighbors could be. (though they will likely be some weirded-out retirees who just want some peace and quiet so they can wake up and play on their top-rated golf course in the morning)

check out phish.com for more on fest 8…