Kona camping ranch

May 31, 2009

Another good day on the island. Wkd up thismorning, cooked eggs, bacon and cereal and kiholo bay. Badass blue water, black sand and a freshwater cave to swim in.

After that wendrove to kona and did alli drive to da kahalu’U park where we snorkled and I got chases by a fish the size of a cat. I yelled at it underwatter – which it clearly didn’t like.

Went to a farmers market, got some shaved ice then went to Point of Refuge (honaunau) which used to be the place the ing would hang out. Real cool beach and ancient ruins.

Drove about eight more miles south and we are camped at this former cattle ranch-turned-hippie campsite. There some Japanese dude camping here, some old dude named bob and a chick from Minnesota with insane clown posse tattoos she probably regrets.

Oh, and a shower costs 1.75$. It’s 830, I’m gonna have a beer and hang out and read for a bit. Tomorrow is the southern/eastern part of the island.

Oh, and there’s a pic of a mango grove. I’m gonna be a genius anyway.


On a beach in a bus

May 30, 2009

Oh man. This place is amazng. We got in late last night and took the bus 30 minutes away to a park and crashed. Woke up on the morning at 330 am and went to see the lava flow into the ocean on a boat.

Fucknv amazing. Ser. I mean, I watched the earth move and grow in front of my face. Gt back from that and went to a waterfall hike and then to some botanic garden that was the coolest flowrs I’ve ever seen

Moved on to a park for a roe swing and swim. Ate lunch and moved down the road to another beach spot. Erin napped and I skated around a paring lot and took some pics.

Drve to the other side (west) after that, and am now cooking dinner in the vw bus I have nicknamed Baczewski.

Also, it’s hArder to type on the iPhonetronz than I thought. Sorry for the lack of usual wit, charm and humor.

Oh, and hey everyone at RT! Rage phenway tomorrow bitches!

More details later. Time to grub!


May 28, 2009


so, i’m off to the Big Island in the morning for a 10-day jaunt with Erin. We are starting the trip in a late-80s VW camper bus (not quite as cool as Bussy, but pretty rad nonetheless) and trekking around the island — checking out beaches, volcanoes, locals, tourists, organic hippie communes (seriously), longboarding spots (skateboarding, that is), disc golf courses, etc.

then we end our trip with a five-day stay at a resort — complete with tacky tourists in flowered shirts, a luau/pig roast, surfing lessons (i’m gonna be a 28-year-old-grom!), and general lounging and sunning my skinny-ass.

We aren’t bringing a laptop, but i’ll be posting pics from the phone now and then as well as (hopefully) nightly updates (which, will be way early morning for you mainlanders…. which really helps my ‘post every morning’ thing in check). I’ve also started a new category (titled: MY VACATION (is better than your life)).

anyway, enjoy… and hold things down stateside for me. I’ll be checking in on phish setlists FOR SURE, and expect my good friends over at http://phishcoventry.blogspot.com to have plenty of tasty show mp3 links up by the time I get back. watch out for wookies, friends.

until later… aloha bishes!

*update: Erin has a way of cramming more things into a situation than it really requires (or at least, more than I think it requires. I’m often wrong, though.. what do I know)

Take, for example, packing for Hawaii… now, I get that women pack differently than men (it took me two hours and a bowl of pot to decide what I needed and how to fit it in one simple backpack), and that she has been a lot busier than I have lately (she actually has a REAL job)… but it’s 11:20 – exactly 12 hours before we fly out – and she is unpacking closets full of clothes she hasn’t seen since last year and trying everying on from her ‘summer wardrobe’.

Now, on top of that… she asks me to print out the rebate from the city water department for the super-duper-mega-efficient washer we purchased in March. All 8 pages of it. Now, this type of thing can wait 10 days until we get back – but it won’t.

Meanwhile, my bed is covered in her clothes… I ate like 6 miligrams of thorazine and some sort of cookie for my flight anxiety and am pretty much in this weird lucid dream state whereby I feel like I’m flying.

And now I have to move the bathroom vanity that is currently in our entryway so she can get in a closet – likely for something she won’t take with us anyway. Did I mention we are three weeks into a six week master bathroom remodel and are leaving town? Yeah. Stress levels are HIGH.

11:50. not much noise up there… as in, not much packing going on. I luckily set up the bed in the basement the other day for a nap in the cool dankness that is a Denver basement in May… might have to take that over…..

I just stared at the blinking cursor until my screen saver came on.

Holy shit, I’ve sure got some powerful pills.

**update (11:55) — we have progress, a lot is in the bag. she’s almost near go to bed time. damn. just showed her the blog. “are you talking about me on there?” yes. it makes for decent copy. or, at least decent to me at this point in time.

entertaining at least.

I leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning, which officially puts to rest my winter/spring and brings in the Summer for me, In packing I had to shift around my gear closet and I finally pulled my two ski journals out of my now-hanging-in-the-gear-closet ski pants yesterday. I also found the Vail map I kept marking up all season long with newly(to me)-discovered pow stashes, tree runs of death, cliffs I have no business jumping off of and warming huts.

The idea was to keep track of the season in a way that I could go back later in life and make myself jealous of how fucking amazing it was to be 28 with an unlimited pass to Vail and the Vail resorts, no real job to speak of and a loving girlfriend who let me snowboard more than she should have. I’m going to go through the books a few ski days at a time over the next few weeks as a way of recapping the season for myself and the four or five of you that read this.

now, I will be changing some of my entries as not to disclose too big of secrets… but if you know the mountain, you should be able to figure some rough ideas out. Anyway, here is (or, was) the Winter of Boyd 2008-2009.

Ski Journal 2008-2009
day 1 – opening day with Bazoo. took five runs, both felt like our legs were going to fall off. enjoyed a mellow cruise home over the pass.

[over the next 7 trips, I forgot to keep track… but in there was the opening day at vail on nov. 7th (i think), five trips to keystone and one trip to the basin]

day 9 – day after thanksgiving. rode with Erin and her dad for a few runs at Vail, then headed back to the house they were renting for dinner.
day 10 – 9 inches of fresh powder. fresh tracks down expresso and cappucino… rode with greg for a bit, then went off with erin and lapped 16 and 3. Met up with greg after a few runs and burned the trees between over easy and avanti down to chair two. best first pow day in a long time.

day 11, Vail. the storm continued and dumped 9 more inches. Got to 16 early, then up within the first few chairs. took four laps on chair four (whisle pig, expresso, cappucino, swingsville). AMAZING snow. By noon i met up with Erin and Bill and rode chair three twice then down to lionshead where we ran into my ex girlfriend in the gondo line. headed up the gondo and then down through the little park — hit the two flat rails and and up > flat box. Erin went back to head back to Denver with her folks, I’m staying up here in the mountains with nick and torrey tonight. [the storm ended up raging all night, closing i-70 and forcing Erin to take an 8 hour trip home with her parents in the car on an all-but-closed i-70]

day 12, 12/01/08, VAil – on mountain by 9 a.m. opening. rode 16 >4 then two runs on w.pig, then over to 3 and 2 for a bit. ended the day lapping 4 > riva glade > 2 four times and then back down by 1:45 and drove home to Denver.

Day 13 – Dec 4, with e-roc. Still just the gondola and montezuma lift open. started with springdipper, then a few runs off schoolmarm. soft snow on top of manmade ice. a six run day. heading back over loveland pass, however, e-roc blacked out for a good minute. I was slapping him across the face while yelling and screaming at him as i hauled ass down the pass to a place I could pull over. By the time he came-to I was pale white with fear and he was pale-white from lack of oxygen. You’d think a kid who grew up here wouldn’t get hit hard by the sudden altitude change, but he did.

* i will continue this little series in 10 days or so, upon my return… until then, pray for snow for next season!

So, I was told the links I had up before weren’t working well..

So I figured I’d do a 320kbps transfer of the Trey show from the other night for you folks… so, here it is all in one folder:


Trey Anastasio with Marin Alsop & The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra – May 21, 2009
2009-05-21 Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall – Baltimore, MD

Recording Info:
DPA4060 -> Core Sounds Battery Box -> iRiver@ 16/44.1

Taped by thesloth00

— Crowd noise was run through SF9 “Soft Knee” default compressor
— Keep your hands on the volume knob anyway…

Set 1:
d1t01 – Crowd/ Introduction
d1t02 – The Divided Sky
d1t03 – Brian & Robert
d1t04 – Inlaw Josie Wales
d1t05 – Song Dedication
d1t06 – Water in the Sky
d1t07 – Pebbles & Marbles
d1t08 – First Tube

Set 2:
d2t01 – Tuning
d2t02 – Time Turns Elastic Part 1
d2t03 – Time Turns Elastic Part 2
d2t04 – Let Me Lie (Wrong Key)
d2t05 – Let Me Lie
d2t06 – My Friend Guyute
d2t07 – If I Could
d2t08 – Crowd


Seriously. I fucking can’t stand this useless excuse for a ticket company.


First, It is less than two weeks before the shows in NJ. Granted, I can’t go… but we have the tickets sold to two good friends. My tickets were shipped on Friday of last week.. SEcond day air… but it’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND. so my tickets should have been here today… right?

wrong. apparently, they are scheduled to ship tomorrow… as the last few days of travel actually constituted as ONE day of travel somehow.

NOW, MusicYesterday says that if you haven’t gotten your tickets within a week of the show that you should email them… a week? Screw that, I called them today to complain. It’s less than two weeks before a show in NJ and my tickets have not been shipped to CO. REDIC.

this is my problem: I PAID FOR 2nd DAY UPS AIR FOR THESE FUCKING TICKETS when i ordered them MONTHS ago.

my point (which I am so fucking pissed off I can’t seem to come to) is that essentially I pay SECOND DAY AIR so they can be LAZY. If I pay for second day air, then the tickets should be here two days after my order is completed.

as it stands, Im paying for Capshaw’s ineptitude. bullshit. complete bullshit. I hope — no, i PRAY — that even in this economy and with jobs hard to find that this company runs itself into the ground.

i’m sick of being taken advantage of as a ticketbuyer simply because they are the only option. I’d rather pay TICKETBASTARD than these complete morons.


Three days until Hawaii… and i can’t get any sunshine here in Colorado.

and the rain gets rain songs stuck in my head — i was doing my best Gene Kelly last night as I walked through the downpour to get my car from the park, for example..

but today, i woke up singing johnny nash’s classic ‘i can see clearly now (the rain is gone)’…

which, of course, led to phishy thoughts of Trey’s 1999 solo tour and his version of that song… so, of course, i wwent to the archives to pull an example for you, my loyal 7 (actually 4) readers…

not a bad tour, honestly… i really enjoyed trey’s sound, the song selection and the ongoing bass-barrage of Fat Tony. the guy could seriously play the same line for hours and it would always sound fresh (and that’s pretty much what he does, just listen to sand)..

here’s a sbd snipped of a NY show that somehow found it’s way to the trading community… enjoy!

Trey Anastasio
9:30 Club – Washington DC
Sounboard – Mix of songs from Set II

Source: SBD > DAT > CDR > CDWAV > EAC > FLAC

Fixes: Original CD burned from the DAT had 20
second gaps between each song. Transfered to
Audacity 1.0.0 to delete silence, and crossfade
the crowd between tracks. Used CDWav to track
the disc properly. Further source info unknown.

Transfer/fixes: by taperwayne:

Notes: Got this in a random trade. It’s a mix of
soundboard tracks from Set II of 5-11-99.
Likely recorded by Paul Languedoc, mixed later
at the Barn, or elsewhere. Somehow leaked out.
Kinda rare – well worth hearing.
It’s not the complete set however.


1. Gotta Jibboo (16:06)
2. First Tube (8:21)
3. Heavy Things (6:07)
4. I Can See Clearly Now (5:06) >
5. Aqui Como Alla (6:15)
6. Sand (21:46)



So, were upn the 300 level at doors field in the third inning when LAs Hudson jacked a foul ball directly at me. Just as I am about to get my hands on it, some LA guy two rows in front of me sticks up his cap and tips the ball into the face of some lady in front of me. She’s hurting, and staff comes to take her away for medical treatment.

About two innings later, her friend comes back and grabs her stuff. Before she leaves she holds up her injured friends full beer and asks if anyone wants it.

I’m now drinking a free $6.50 Coors Light.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

Ahhhhh planet Bouldar

May 23, 2009

At the boulder street festival with all of boulders finest.

Including mid-50s-acid-guy dancing in circles by himself, bald spot tattoo guy and half naked skate punk Tweens.

More to come. What a circus.

*update. So some festival woman pulled a cop aside and asked him to “do something” about acid guy. He looked at her, looked at acid guy, looked back at her and said: “he’s not hurting anyone, and he’s enjoying himself just like everyone else”

She walked off and and past my friend who stopped her and told her to leave him alone. Her response was “well he’s clearly on drugs”

So is most of this town.