AWESOME festival 8 video…

November 23, 2009

Came upon this REALLY cool photo/video montage of Festival 8 today…

click the link to get to it… i still can’t figure out how to link vimeo vids to this damn thing…

I’m moving on…

November 23, 2009

You heard me. I’m moving on. and it’s to bigger and better pastures…

oh, me? no, not me personally…I”m staying in Denver.

Its just that part of Bleeding Senses will be moving on to a more appropriate venue — specifically the blogs on WESTWORD.COM!!!

yes, yours truly is now an official and REAL (read: underpaid) blogger for an actual publication (and a damn cool one at that)

Now hopefully this first blog post doesn’t get my season pass revoked…

I present to you: Sin Your Way Through Ski Season
(oh, and i’m clearly not Joe Tone… though hopefully the byline has been corrected to say my name by the time anyone reads this)

Otherwise, I plan on staying up as your normal, less-than-frequently-updated source for all second-hand news about phish and the Denver jamband scene… afterall, where else will my loyal seven get their news?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s pretty much one overriding theme of this blog and it’s: phish.

so, here’s a few downloads for you on this lovely tuesday — maybe some of you folks who meandered to this site with no real idea of who this band is and what they do will finally get it.

picked up from a thread on reality tour:

“Ultimate Phish”
Compiled and arranged by ‘FoxtrotPhishin’ – 2004
Remixed by TK

Disc 1:
1. The Curtain With (9.30.00)
2. You Enjoy Myself (6.11.94)
3. Mike’s Song >
4. Simple >
5. Contact >
6. Weekapaug Groove (8.16.96)


Disc 2:
1. Timber (Jerry) (12.7.97)
2. Reba (12.31.95)
3. Sneakin’ Sally thru the Alley (12.30.97)
4. Ghost (11.17.97)
5. Harpua (3.31.92)


Disc 3:
1. Roses are Free (4.3.98)
2. AC/DC Bag (12.30.97)
3. Tube >
4. Slave to the Traffic Light (12.7.97)


Disc 4:
1. Punch You in the Eye >
2. Down with Disease (12.11.97)
3. Bathtub Gin >
4. Uncle Pen (8.17.97)
5. Wolfman’s Brother (12.1.03)
6. The Moma Dance (2.26.03)


Disc 5:
1. Run Like an Antelope >
2. Catapult >
3. Run Like an Antelope (7.16.94)
4. Stash (11.14.95)
5. It’s Ice >
6. Swept Away >
7. Steep >
8. It’s Ice (12.7.97)
9. Lizards (3.22.93)


Disc 6:
1. Halley’s Comet (11.22.97)
2. Tweezer (2.28.03)
3. Maze (6.11.94)
4. Fluffhead (6.11.94)


Disc 7:
1. 2001 (7.17.98)
2. Possum (5.17.92)
3. David Bowie (12.29.94)


Disc 8:
1. Split Open and Melt >
2. Catapult (12.31.99)
3. The Divided Sky (10.31.94)
4. Chalkdust Torture (7.10.99)
5. Back on the Train (2.28.03)
6. Harry Hood (12.30.95)


Day One…

November 16, 2009

… and boy are my legs BEAT.

woke up today and drove up to Keystone with the old burton love board and met up with Greg at his place. Cruised over to Keystone with a stop for a mcmuffin and picked up my 09-10 epic pass at the pass office. lift lines weren’t a problem today, and we were able to lap the few runs they had open weren’t very packed (springdipper and jackwhacker were the two main ones). I remembered again today how much snowboarding means to me, and how important it is to be able to get out with your good friends in nature and play around like little kids for a while.

They also had a little park setup going on with probably 15 features in it –but i wasn’t about to blow out my knees or back or anything like that on my first day. great weather outside: slightly warm, but not hot and blue skies all around.

Met up with Montana Brock for the last run of the day — and probalby my only turns with him in Colorado this year as he’s headed up to MT for the winter to work as a hunting guide. Finished up the day around 1:30 after 9 runs and drove home to Denver.

i’m glad i finally got out and took some turns. I was concerned about how my back would hold up (fine) and how long before i would get my ‘sea legs’ back (6 runs). I’ll hopefully have more time to get up and ride over the next few weeks as the snow gets better. Vail opens Friday, so I might find some time soon to get up there for a few runs.

you can check on Keystone’s terrain status here:

(another) Cervantes update…

November 10, 2009


sounds like they have a lot going on up in the old Casino Ballroom in Five Points right now… some really good things too (including ::shocker:: cold beer!) I’m also looking forward to what the new layout will be with the bathrooms all being shifted to the stage right side of the room as well as hearing what a decent soundsystem will do for the flatness that is that concrete-and-wood-floor box of a room. I wonder what chemical they are using to remove the wookie-grime from the handrails in the balcony, though… that always confounded me how they were so nasty.

the place deserves it, honestly and I’m glad that such a historical venue is going to shine on for a while longer (the list of people who played there, from BB King to Aretha Franklin, would blow your mind, as well as it’s history being chronicled in Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’).

maybe they’ll even put in some vents or retractable something-or-others in the roof to air that bitz out during hot/smokey shows. I always thought that would be a great idea for places like that and the fillmore….

anyway, this is a pass-on from Duncan, via []:

So…it’s been a month and this has been a lot of fun (stress) so far. This really is the job that I have always needed and I will definitely thrive at it. Thanks for all the support from everybody so far!


1. STAGE – The stage is brand new and f’ing kick ass. It extends out on the front sides where they were squared off before. The subs fit under the front of the stage now instead of free standing on the sides like they were before.

2. SOUND – We’ve got 2 new Meyer Mica series line arrays that are actually fitted for a venue like Cervantes’. The hanging speakers that we had before were more fitted for an outdoor venue. Let me tell you, the sound is incredible now! I don’t even have an ear for sound but I can tell that there is a HUGE difference.

3. BATHROOMS – We will be breaking ground on the bathrooms on Monday, November 16th. The women’s room will be moved to where the current green room is and there will be at least 5 stalls with 5 toilets not including the current green room bathroom that will remain. All of the toilets will be new ‘power flush’ models. LADIES, YOU WILL NOW HAVE 6 STALLS WITH 6 TOILETS THAT SHOULDN’T STOP UP ANYMORE.

4. COLD BEER – Beer is now being delivered on Thursday instead of Friday which gives us an extra 24 hours to cool the beer down for Friday night shows. We’re also being more proactive about making sure to stock the walk-in with as many cases as we can so that once it comes out of the walk-in it goes straight into the beer cooler behind the bar.

We’re making progress! Come down and say ‘hey’ sometime. I will definitely be here. This is my new home!

disco ball

Hopefully it’s a lot less flat than the previous system. I’m still holding off on going to visit the place during the remodel phase so that I can get full-fresh eyes and ears at the grand opening.

Anwyay, from the Cervantes facebook page:

“Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom gets a new sound system! We just finished putting in a new Meyer Mica Line Array sound system in Cervantes this week! Come check it out this weekend at Pigs on the Wing on Friday night! This new PA will make Cervantes sound better than ever. We look forward to your listening enjoyment. We are also enjoying our new stage and are anxious to start on the new bathrooms so stay tuned!!”

listening again…

November 3, 2009

well folks, it’s been a great weekend. I’m listening to exile again and am really impressed with how well the band pulled this off. page’s vocals and piano especially shine through the halloween set.

It was great getting to hang with good friends and make new friends all weekend. We got a lot of praise for our costumes (which had to be the best at the fest), the festival grounds were amazing and the visual candy (flame throwers, burbles, etc) were epic.

Thanks to JT and Taboot Art for being our base of operations, thanks to JT for being an awesome person, thanks to the Joker for his UPS package hilarity, thanks to everyone who told us ‘great costumes’, thanks to the weirdo lady during the acoustic set who was wearing nothing but a slip and kept pulling it up above your waist (it was hysterical), thanks to the folks operating the Burble — that thing is amazing. thanks in and out burger. thanks to tito and his walking stick, and to the guy with the plastic ‘roor’ in the line to get in Sunday. thanks to the mounted patrol for letting us take a picture with you (picture to come)

no thanks to: the guy who knew all the words to every song on Exile on Main Street and let everyone know it at the top of his lungs the entire set, the creeper old woman who snaked in on at least three of our sessions without even asking, and whoever ate all the donuts before we could get there, no thanks to the toolbags with laser pointers (you all suck).

i’ll likely get around to some sort of full review of the tunes and each day’s sets, but for now you can all simply enjoy these pics. I’ll get more up when I get a chance to hook erin’s camera up to the computer:



slap bag guy:



here’s ass lady. she just kept pulling up her slip like it wasn’t a big deal — flashing her ass right in the face of these two girls behind her. She also pulled up the front, showing her vag to anyone who happened to turn around:
ass lady

ass lady


the light from the flame-throwing oil towers behind us during the last set:

second Burble:

flaming oil derek towers:

just got home…

November 3, 2009

and i’m beat like a rug. more on the last night of the fest, plus pics and hysterical stories in the morning.

for now, i need to eat some indian food and pass the heck out.


opening video/99 album mix

November 1, 2009

here’s a the video they showed right before the band took the stage for the Exile on Main Street set… great way to hype up the crowd before the second set. thanks to my friends at Coventry blogspot ( for the link:

Eclectic Method Goes Phish from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Sleepy time

November 1, 2009

At the daytime acoustic set and it’s hot. Erin and I are laying in the shade be the beer tent listening and lounging.

Setlist is
Very mellow so far, so everyone has sat down up front.

Acoustic curtain!!